Google introduces Project Tango's Android 3D mapping smartphone

Google introduces Project Tango's Android 3D mapping smartphone
Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group has announced the prototype release of an Android-based 5-inch phone with 3D sensors that it calls Project Tango. ATAP project lead Johnny Lee said in a blog post that the phone has been …
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Google makes good on threat, flips 'kill switch' on some Chrome add-ons
Computerworld – Google today upgraded Chrome to version 33, fulfilling its promise to block more add-ons in the Windows browser and quashing 28 bugs. The promotion of the new tools and features to Chrome's "Stable" channel, one of three that the …
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Google Launches Project Tango, a 3D Sensor-Enabled Smartphone
The 5-inch phone will run Android and be equipped a series of 3D sensors capable of taking more than a quarter of a million measurements each second. Google envisions these sensors will have a number of applications from gaming to indoor navigation.
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