Google Invites A New Round Of Explorers To Buy Glass

Google Invites A New Round Of Explorers To Buy Glass
Google has reportedly sent out more invitations for developers to purchase Google Glass, according to Engadget. The invites were only sent to developers who have previously inquired about how to purchase a Google Glass on Google's website, as you can …
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Google's latest company Calico plans to do anti-ageing research
Now Google bosses have turned their sights on a much more complex subject – the human body. The tech giant has recently embarked on a series of high profile hires for its new venture Calico, a company which wants to extend human life by up to 100 years.

Google Adds Folders to Bookmarks Search in Latest Chromium Build
Google has committed a long-requested feature to the latest Chromium build: folder support in bookmarks search. In short, this means folders are now included in the search results when you go looking through the browser's bookmarks. The new feature was …
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