Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics

Ryan Hickman, Damon Kohler, Ken Conley, Brian Gerkey Learn how developers can accelerate the pace of robotics research and development and make high function…
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24 Responses to Google I/O 2011: Cloud Robotics

  1. Schrodingers Cat says:

    And here we can do one more thing with ROS. PR2 is now tracking all the people in the audience and with this simple command we can choose the type of bullet and its count for each of the targets

  2. AwakenedOne says:

    Oh, New World Order one eyed robots, yippee..

  3. faja2ja says:

    Does anyone know, where I can find more information on that surfboard demo, shown at 7:40 ? Thank you!

  4. Richard Allen says:

    what is pr2 trying to say? “…i need ur clothes ur boots and ur motorcycle.”

  5. Andrew Smith says:


  6. João Quintas says:

    Great session. Cloud Robotics is growing fast :). Kudos

  7. 33rd Square says:

    Great exponential curve at 6:40.

  8. NewAgeDirector says:

    Great video keep up the good work.

  9. Greensa Livey says:

    I love Cloud Robotics, it is exciting.

  10. alfaalfa99 says:

    What’s the tablet they are using for the Object recognition demo?

  11. Mladen Mijatov says:

    If you make a support for UrbiScript to be used in SL4A project (scripting layer for android) you could probably make that script do same thing from Android. Both of projects are open source and have great community (rosjava and sl4a).

  12. Golden Lion says:

    I would like to see more demonstrations of useful things that the P2 were programmed to do

  13. Golden Lion says:

    You need a pr2 that costs $900 do a wider number of developers can create code for the world.

  14. Argon165 says:

    Cant wait for Skynet

  15. blasel33 says:

    Great talk. My favorite was using the tablet to look around with the PR2 :-)

  16. Justin Shands says:

    So, yeah, it’s cool. Thanks for showing us what we can do with “existing technology”… except, the rest of us can’t upload custom definitions to Google Goggles. We can only make “suggestions” to “improve” future releases. Is there some way that I don’t know about that will allow me to create a “custom corpus” for Google Goggles?

  17. sogetsu25g says:

    any link to kinect heli?

  18. synaesmedia says:

    Very cool! But shame I have to write Java rather than a nice robot language like UrbiScript. :-(

  19. Mehuge says:

    So when your robot get hacked, the hackers can have it open your front door and load all your stuff into a van waiting outside!

  20. Marin Petricevic says:

    I know it costs a lot… But they could have played with it a bit more… Also, I was expecting them to fold a towel in real time.

  21. MomemtumMori says:

    You guys know about augmented reality? You could plug those 3D sensors of the knex into a pair of glasses and literally not just augment but improve reality! I can only imagine having google’s search power anywhere anytime to find anything just by looking at it, speaking.. or even thinking of it! I know wants to go work at google after i finish my studies. You guys are awsome. keep up the good work!

  22. mq1506 says:

    I want to give PR2 a hug

  23. Lewis Lappin says:

    ROS does it like a bause

  24. Ian Danforth says:

    Thanks for putting on this talk! Very good presentation.

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