Google I/O 2013: Keynote

Google I/O keynote. To check out, “Here’s to your imagination,” the opening video to the conference, visit Brought…
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24 Responses to Google I/O 2013: Keynote

  1. definitionofpleb says:

    Technolgy is getting crazier. What a profound age we live in.

  2. pressefr says:

    0:58:43 Someone forgot to double space for |  Security … and he needs to know his shirt size.

  3. MrBlackkiller99 says:

    2:17:20 apple trolling, LOL 😀 😉

  4. Patricio Munoz says:

    Stock vanilla Android experience on the Galaxy S4!?!? Unlocked, LTE, bootloader unlocked!?!! ooooh yes… I remember, it was riiiight about here where I got the wind knocked out of me and slumped back down into my chair 0:50:00 Good times, good times! :-)

  5. Gauthier DC says:

    “Impressive” keynote with all those cool animations and demo’s.. But what they show is just a lip-paying service to the viewers.. Apple on the other way presents a finished product/os.. No promises and mass production, quality, efficiency and smoothness is what we need..

  6. nonahanona4 says:

    dreaming to be one of google team already made my father excited about it he even said he will pay all the expenses so I can go abroad and get more experience hopefully when I finish the bachelor degree he doesn’t change his mind hhh love google and daddy <3

  7. Dmitriy Makeev says:

    Did you like Google IO? Vote in Android application “Opinion”

  8. Regolith says:

    Kids at school. :) Pretty boring now, though.

  9. Nick Nick says:

    like apple maps

  10. Lalit Arora says:

    its mcdonalds

  11. unlokia says:

    I was referring to the *hangout* app – sorry, didn’t clarify that. Anyhow, who, apart from geeks, uses Google+? Answer – noone.

  12. Sơn Nguyễn says:

    37:00 tiếng việt :))

  13. Kevin Bartolome says:

    stop trolling around… there have been a Google+ app since the launch of Google+. that’s 2 years ago.

  14. unlokia says:

    Google+ has been out for HOW long? They’ve only JUST made an app for it? *LOL*

  15. unlokia says:

    Tim Cook has my 100% respect, whereas these nerds just pay lip service to the viewers, and bore them with how the next Android emulator “will be better soon – we’re working on…” Yeah, whatever lol

  16. unlokia says:

    What’s “Google+”?? ^_^

  17. unlokia says:

    An iPhone? 😉

  18. unlokia says:

    Handset activations != totally satisfied, loyal customers. You may sell more, but MacDonalds sell more burgers than a family run restaurant – they’re selling more, the family restaurant is selling BETTER.

  19. unlokia says:

    I admire Google’s attempts, but selling quantity of something does not make a better product. I’ve toggled back and forth between iPhone and Android for 5 years… and iPhone is still cleaner, simpler and more beautiful to use AND look at. Apple don’t want to dominate the market, they just make the best product they can… and Google fail at this, very badly, multiple times.

  20. Jupiter Rokoko says:

    you, and whoever liked your fuck up of a comment need to shut the fuck up pride isn’t in intelligence or economic health you’re a blind fuck who will never understand this, your family fucking hates you and your friends are just like you, please die.

  21. meteoramarc says:

    And all that explains why he shouldnt be proud to be indian. Shut the fuck up man, statistics or not you should still be proud to be whatever nationality you are.

  22. glennzone12 says:

    900 activations, that isn’t the number of active android users.

  23. Eric Moore says:

    GeoFences #0:13:35 #13:35

  24. Rishabh Rakshit says:

    don’t be … figure this … 5 awesome iit-graduated indians at Google and contrasting to it is millions of uneducated indians begging and working in paddy fields . India has a post secondary diploma rate of 7% only. That means only 7% of indians have gone into and made it out of college.Couple that with a 74% literacy rate and you really got something … 

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