Google I/O 2014 in under nine minutes

Google I/O 2014 in under nine minutes

Here are the highlights from Google’s I/O 2014.
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22 thoughts on “Google I/O 2014 in under nine minutes

  1. Screw this company. They are simply getting too big and people just fawn over them while they give their information and freedom away to them. I will never support them.

  2. As much as I love Google I/O, I really think google should learn a thing or two from Apple Inc.’s keynote, for example, making it clear and concise, making everything actually work, and preventing weirdos who in the middle of the presentation scream about how robots will take over humans (lol). 

  3. The wearables trend just makes no sense to me. Is my pocket not a close enough location for all of that information? Is the large 4-5″ screen too comfortable for my eyes and fingers? The trade-off for having your information closer isn’t worth it, be it on a tiny screen on my wrist or a douchey headset on my face.

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