Google I/O 2014 – Material design principles

Google I/O 2014 - Material design principles

Speaker(s): Christian Robertson, Jon Wiley, Jonathan Lee, Matias Duarte, Nicholas Jitkoff Description: Formerly titled “Cross-platform design” Design is the …

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12 Responses to Google I/O 2014 – Material design principles

  1. nrviognjiocfmbkirdom says:

    And suddenly all the Google Fanboys who always said, that they don’t care how it looks, are thinking that Android was ahead of iOS. Let me tell you: It is not! Compared to Apple’s Design talks this is boring and weakly supported with arguments. What matters in the end with Design is the value for users, those animations are pretty, but not of any value!

  2. luigymanx781 says:

    Honestly, google is so bad at delivering press conferences.

  3. Ihthisham Ali says:

    google tryin to be artsy….absolutely cringeworthy… first talker esp, over-selling much?

  4. Gustin Bentley says:

    Give Apple design a run for their money.

  5. 723Ck says:

    It’s like the ios 7 ui makeover…except actually useful and purposeful

  6. Liton Sarkar says:

    so much words…………….:(

  7. m3erw says:

    What happened to number four then?

  8. Marc Sill says:

    About the “circles” comment: From a human factors perspective … the human mind looks at circle (round) shapes first. We sorta can’t help it. It’s thought to be “head like”. Much like red attracts our attention because it’s “blood like”. Circles are comfortable, balanced, symmetrical. Even as a cameo shape (oval). Prob is … they’re just a bit harder to design with since they DO bring a lot of attention to themselves. It all depends on what you are after.

  9. aminul islam says:


  10. ITviec says:

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