Google is forcing big broadband providers to boost speeds

Google is forcing big broadband providers to boost speeds
When Google first announced its plans to offer 1-gigabit-per-second broadband service back in 2010, it seemed ridiculously fast. At the time, many households had broadband speeds that were 100 times slower, and only a handful of cities had residential …
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Is Dropbox planning to take on Google Docs?
The new product, Composer, surfaced today on Product Hunt, an online bulletin board for tech products, before Dropbox shut down access. Composer is an online notepad similar to Google Docs for creating documents, including the ability for group editing …
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Three lies about Google Glass
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt shocked everyone last week by telling The Wall Street Journal that Google isn't killing Google Glass. Schmidt's comments were viewed as a surprise and a revelation, even though he was repeating what Google had …
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