Google is Going to Blackmail You

Google is trying harder than ever to force people to sign up for Google Plus. And now, they’ve discovered a new strategy to do this: either you join Plus, or…

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22 Responses to Google is Going to Blackmail You

  1. CollegeHumor says:

    Oh and btw, we’re still not going to use Bing.

  2. Francesco Iapicca says:

    I’m a #googleplus user since it was closed beta 😉 #humor #googleblackmail

  3. Borut Plohl says:

    Google is Going to Blackmail You! #joke #google Google is Going to Blackmail You

  4. Myra Nguyen says:

    Google is Going to Blackmail You +Hannah McNeil GOOGLE SHALL CONTROLL US

  5. Marco Korthout says:

    Google Blackmail

  6. Trent Smith says:


  7. Harry Styles says:

    Is yahoo okay?


    This video made me lmao

  9. Jason McDonald says:

    Google Blackmail. You just GOTTA love this video. It is probably more true than Google will admit, or than we can cynically truly believe. Note to self: Google I love you. NSA I love you. IRS I love you. Hugs! ~ Jason

  10. BreakTheCode says:

    Google would like to spank your mother XD

  11. Dennis Drejer says:

    Google Blackmail Google is Going to Blackmail You

  12. joujou264 says:

    What the hell are adult male capes?

  13. Hajjah Hamidah Haji Daud says:

    Google Blackmailing huh, on us?

  14. G-L Studios says:

    that search history covers most of the people on youtube! especially the ones posting bob….haha

  15. Edward Plitt says:

    Screw you Google!

  16. Jonathan Hall says:

    I am using it +Google chill your tits and delete the history now hay.

  17. Gordon Lee says:

    Google has already committed several completely illegal subhuman acts of corruption against me including false profile entries, theft of research documentation, and many more too numerous to list committed by the self-described “chosen ones.”

  18. Joshua Duffney says:

    Sooooo true….

  19. No Red Braces says:

    I love Google, and use many of their products. But this still made me chuckle :-)

  20. Paul Simon Case says:

    GCHQ NSA that’s Blackmail!

  21. Baizurah Basri says:

    Google BlackMail! LOL.

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