Google It

The information superhighway is faster than ever. Ellen discussed it in her monologue.

20 thoughts on “Google It

  1. Well compared to the rest of the world, your educational system is quite a big joke. I’m not saying you don’t know anything about your country. Actually you’re probably the nation who knows more about their own country. But you just disregard the rest of the world, which is quite silly

  2. Ok, I think you’ve reached your ignorant judgment quota for the week, thanks. If you don’t know our grading system, you obviously have never attempted an education in the US, and therefore are displaying your ignorance. It is easy for you to make a judgment based on random internet comments that you took out of context. Though, I suppose one could make the judgment from your post that Europeans have absolutely no sense of humor. But wouldn’t that also be a rash judgment? Food for thought…

  3. I don’t know why you’re criticizing America’s educational system because it’s not a “joke” And by the way he didn’t insult you or anything, he was just making a joke.

  4. Depends on what subject you two compete in. Everything is subjective therefore you cannot really supposed something without proving it, he might actually be a smart guy and beat you at some point.

  5. And their vocabulary is on the level of a toddler.I am a teen,an average student in Bosnia,and I’ve read plenty of books.And I’m positive that I’m more intelligent than him,who is an A student.Regardless of books each other read.

  6. Sadly many teens are like him. These days you can find everything in the Internet and therefore they think there is no use on buying a book when you can just go to Wikipedia or Google it. Of course, they also miss the joy of reading a good book, however they don’t have to read bad ones either way.

  7. I think that you been a supposedly smart person will know that your stereotype does not apply to all American students. I spent my childhood studying in the US and then I studied in Salamanca University in Madrid, Spain and graduated as top of my class. However, I do agree with you that the education system in the US is not as hard as the one in Europe, but honestly is not as bad as you describe it.

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