Google Keyword Tool google keyword tool updated and it rocks
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  1. kailynjulissa says:

    I’ve herd Keyword Scout is good, has anyone tried it?

  2. RubyKeywordTracker says:

    This gets better and is a great effort. I will pay more attention to your way of looking at things now.

  3. orthodoxdaily says:

    haha, nice video. id hang out with you in real life. haha. cheers dude.

  4. Mr2011kiwi says:

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  5. homebaseincome says:

    Your keyword helpful tips will help many people understand the importance choosing the best fitting keywords. Great vid.

  6. NewChicago says:

    This is super cool stuff. Thanks for showing us newbies the way to go!

  7. gardenmagik says:

    You always have cool info! Thanks! melissa

  8. TBBucs says:

    This is great news. I always hated those uninformative bars that Google put up as “data.”

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