Google Launches Mobile Network! – ETC Daily

Is Google about to take over the mobile space with their latest venture?!? Google’s Mobile Network – …
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21 Responses to Google Launches Mobile Network! – ETC Daily

  1. Infinite Horizon says:

    Google is on its way to world domination.

  2. Jeremy Greenlee says:

    for someone who hasn’t bought a phone yet, this is GREAT!

  3. Trenton Heinz says:


  4. Project Delta says:

    “Don’t watch the trailer” as the show us the trailer

  5. Skip6235 says:

    It sounds great, but as long as sprint has unlimited data, I’m sticking with them. I can easily use 30 gigs a month without really trying 

  6. Whatsyournumber1404 says:

    10 dollars a month for additional gigs of data is bullshit for unlimited users. I use about 30-50 gigs of data without even noticing it. If I were to do that with google’s new network, that would be about $320-$520 a month. I think I’ll just stick with my T-Mobile unlimited network instead.

  7. Grimm Ender says:

    Disney owns the Media, McDonalds the food industry, and Google the people.

  8. DymonNij says:

    With this, google will definitely even know how many times you go to the toilet.

  9. NewKingBrandon says:

    How does Google offer such great prices?

  10. angie lemons says:

    Who remembers when ETC was Khail’s channel?

  11. zoraiz zia says:

    What happen to the ig set

  12. Kanye West says:

    Everyone sub! Creepy text theater was hilarious. 

  13. Robert Tinsey says:

    I’ll keep my Verizon unlimited :) 

  14. abdul-wahab hawsawi says:

    Wait, what if Google IS the illuminati ?

  15. Tommy W. says:

    Republic wireless has been doing this for 4+ years and also charges it a little cheaper. I think I’ll keep my service but its good to see the VoIP trend coming back :)

  16. Leftyed says:

    Good thing I chose a nexus 6, I might have to try out their service 

  17. Ery Ren says:

    Google this Google that Google EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE!… smells like new world order to me. 

  18. IIIpl4sm4III says:

    Hopefully its not as awful as the windows phones. App store please.

  19. Gaben's Messiah says:

    this is why i love google even if they spy on my jerking off

  20. Evan Saxon says:

    Project Fi… Zelda Reference?

  21. Alex Griffin says:

    Is he wearing the same T-shirt as yesterday?.. Gross.

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