Google launches small-business initiative

Google launches small-business initiative
To combat this problem, Google is announcing Wednesday the launch of an aggressive new program to help small businesses get found online. Called "Let's Put Our Cities on the Map," Google has generated customized websites for virtually every town and …
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Skype Translator Takes On Google Translate For Best Translation App
Skype Translator, a recently-unveiled rival to Google Translate that promises to inform the future of automatic translation, is shaking the ground on which Google's similar service once proudly stood. According to Time, Microsoft's development of Skype …
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Bazel: Google Build Tool is now Open Source
Bazel, the tool that Google uses to build the majority of its software has been partially open sourced. According to Google, Bazel is aimed to build “code quickly and reliably” and is “critical to Google's ability to continue to scale its software …

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