Google Loses Big in German Reputation Lawsuit

Google Loses Big in German Reputation Lawsuit
Typically, when I'm asked to describe what Google does, I launch into a description that goes something like this: “A search engine like Google is designed to crawl through the web, picking up information about each page that's out there and putting …
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BloomReach Reinvents Personalized Site Discovery For Every Visitor On Any
Using the industry's most sophisticated web-search algorithms, it combines behavioral patterns, natural-language processing, machine-learning and other signals of intent to instinctively present the most relevant search results, left-navigation and …
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One Planet. 22416 Google Images
Behind the sleek marbled cover by Jemma Lewis lay 22,416 Google findings: each page consists of three clean columns of uncaptioned images. The words wrung through the search engine yield a vast spectrum of results: some conjure on-point and easily …
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