23 Replies to “Google Makes People Think They Are Smarter Than They Actually Are Ft. Anthony Lee”

  1. When I was in second grade…. This girl and I got in a debate o Phoenixes were real or not (I said they weren’t real) and she just started saying dumb shit like “they’re born from the ashes, they are real” and all of her friends just went with it and then they called ME stupid LOL. If only I had tech back then to search up stuff 

  2. “So LIKE they did experiments where uhhm participants were just LIKE search on LIKE internet for LIKE just LIKE information and they believed that you know they felt more knowledgeable than those who did research through LIKE books and LIKE or LIKE just talking with LIKE a tutor or a teacher.” – Julia Chow

  3. I respectfully disagree, Google doesn’t make people think they are smarter, ego make you think you are smarter. Every generation get a little more selfish and conceited thus a huge ego. Eventually the country will be overrun by these people and they will start blame the world for their problem and want realize they are dumb asses. for example: Skinny-Shamers, people are now complaining that they are not fat, everyone else is just too skinny. One day, they will crash the economy with their counter-productivity. I already took proper precautions, I will retire in security with my Bitcoins and potatoes

  4. Oh shit so my generation bridged the gap from a childhood with out Internet to a adult hood with Internet with anything on a screen. I’m feeling all special and shit.

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