Google Maps 5.7 for Android offline maps feature

Google Maps 5.7 for Android offline maps feature – Google released a new version of its Google Maps for Android today, and tucked inside the Labs section is a new, offline maps feature that lets you download map data to the phone. This allows you to access the maps when you are in an area without a data connection, or if you are out of the country and want to avoid roaming data charges. More info:

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17 Responses to Google Maps 5.7 for Android offline maps feature

  1. italo feraz says:

    esse optimus é até legal mais o L7 é muy melhor

  2. henk18652 says:

    What sucks about offline maps is the limitation of having 5 maps! Seriously!? that’s not even enough to put in a holiday car route. It wouldn’t suck if the map size didn’t had any limitations so you could download an entire country. downloading the offline maps also takes ages and removing them also takes a long time? WTF google? just give us the option to download all maps in a region/ planned route and then you have added a USEFULL feature

  3. Eugene Serkin says:

    How to remove saved map?

  4. WORMSStube says:

    Doesn’t matter, The new version of google maps have removed it, so if you are now not in America, its useless.

  5. freemoviesonline23 says:

    to download the maps you will need internet. After they are downloaded on your phone, you dont need it.

  6. akaimina64648 says:

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  7. Pádraig Ó Dubhaigh says:

    @Strife153 the video was posted a year ago 😉

  8. Strife153 says:

    This has been around for at least a year…

  9. swhli says:

    thanks very much. To pre-cache the map on Galaxy SII X is a little bit different from what is shown on the video.

  10. keving lat says:

    go to settings in google map, click on labs than check mark the pre-cahe map area. and then follow the video to get the sqaure

  11. swhli says:

    I am using Google Maps 6.7 and I cannot find the download option that you discussed in your video. Do you know where it is in 6.7? Thanks

  12. max909080 says:

    oh hmmmmmmm :) 

  13. moslet says:

    Shame, still cannot beat Nokia’s OVI Map (symbian). You can download maps by country names. Very easy with only a few clicks!

  14. m1c0sTic0 says:

    nah.This per caching thing is limited to 10 squares.

  15. max909080 says:

    he can if he have enough memory to save 😛

  16. m1c0sTic0 says:

    u cant (o.O)

  17. MaxEagleson says:

    Thanks for this, Was looking for offline navigation for my android didn’t know about offline capability of maps

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