Google Maps: Create Personalized Maps – Easily create and share personalized, annotated maps of your world.
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9 Responses to Google Maps: Create Personalized Maps

  1. holidayprops says:

    Videos from Google and YouTube can no longer be added to my maps, Google can’t fix it either. see help page on maps under “Youtube” to see the mess Google has made of this.

  2. tkjazzer says:

    Why doesn’t google maps allow multiple users to edit one individual mymap. This brings sharing to a whole new level if you can have collaborative work done on mymaps… just like google does with its documents online… Please bring sharing feature!! Please request that google makes this feature.

  3. roosh4 says:

    This feature is incredible, especially for travelers. THANK YOU GOOGLE!!!

  4. glowbot says:

    This is a way that google can get everyone else to add content. If everyone else adds a little bit of information or pictures of the areas, then eventually, there will be a picture of everywhere.

  5. yyykkkei says:

    i love to hear that voice, i don’t really care what she is talking about but that voice is sexy…

  6. Anametoremember says:

    not bad

  7. stupidcatdog says:


  8. TobiranHorde says:


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