Google Maps For iOS 6 Now Available Video Demo Review – iOS Vlog 1009

Google Maps For iOS 6 Now Available Video Demo Review - iOS Vlog 1009

HOW TO GET PAID APPS FOR FREE: Please Tweet This Video: Read the Full Google Maps for iOS 6 Article: After a long-time battle with the Apple App Store Approval Process, the OFFICIAL Google Maps app has finally made it to the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Google Maps app came pre-installed on all devices up until iOS 6, where Google and Apple’s relationship hit rock bottom, also removing the native YouTube application as well. But, with the amount of errors that Apple’s Maps has been causing, it seems only good that Google will be releasing this sooner rather than later. The official Google Maps app is now LIVE in the App Store, for everyone who has been hating on iOS 6 Apple Maps, or for those that Apple Maps fails in directions and locations. We’ll have a full video up soon of the new Google Maps application, which was rumored to be released tonight by AllThingsD. Google Maps can be found in the iOS App Store for FREE as an alternative to Apple Maps. Please Thank José for helping out on the video: Social Network: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Facebook Twitter: Subscribe to our newsletter: Google+: INSTAGRAM: Phil_Synowiec
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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