Google Maps for iOS is back!

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22 Responses to Google Maps for iOS is back!

  1. MrBarnesky says:

    I’m going to download it right now. Thanks Soldier!

  2. SovietRillain says:

    I’m finna download it

  3. FrankSimmonsJr says:

    I have high hopes for Apple Maps. But not for at least a few years. I think giving consumers choice and an alternative is definitely a good thing for Apple to do. Apple maps will pick up the pace, it’ll just take a bit of time.

  4. titancrusher1 says:

    you talk a bit too fast 

  5. farex aldo says:

    and what about the galaxy nexus that use … xD …. see use apple products for a month at least you will know what i mean with smooth and not laggy and apple devices do anything you want don’t tell they have no customization they have with the jailbreak download the dreamboard

  6. Mike Dunbentrolld says:

    If you look at the Apple Maps icon, it suggests you drive off an overpass.

  7. DJG774 says:

    nice simple layout.

  8. DJG774 says:

    change the route then

  9. thesuperinsano says:

    You poor, poor child..

  10. thesuperinsano says:

    Mine runs great on my 4.

  11. AyyHD says:

    The S2 & 3 has skins on top of it. Rom don’t count as they weren’t meant for the phone in the first place.

  12. rosen97Lewis says:

    Yeah I’m starting to hate apple or to buy iPhone 5 😡

  13. farex aldo says:

    the s3 and the samsung GN and tried with roms and stock roms and the s2

  14. Igor Lapa says:

    Thank god. Oh, Google Maps. <3

  15. azRieL ThaNe says:

    not available in my country! #$%@

  16. patsaxon says:

    I do not like Googles Maps as it always promotes using the toll road with out any other routs available options. I will continue using Apple Maps as it is much better, giving more options for different routs with out promoting the toll roads. Plus Apple Maps also acts as a GPS, giving me directions. I hope not to get Googles back on my iPhone or iPad as I will not use it and may end up deleting that APS. Plus Googles Maps is not always accurate.

  17. OliverLovesIt says:

    You forgot to mention the button in the lower left corner in street view, which I LOVE

  18. guatdafacc says:

    @fpuwwbl Yeah this website is just giving out 100% free White Apple iPads for today only. But you have to be living in the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Get in quick!

  19. bassam abujaffer says:


  20. SilentGuardian75 says:

    and its crap on the iphone 4 just like everything else now. Very disappointed in apple

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