Google Maps for iPhone Tips and Tricks

Google Maps for iPhone Tips and Tricks

Google Maps is finally out for iOS 6 devices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. It’s better than ever with street-view, public transit, and even turn-by-turn navigation. There are a handful of tips, tricks, and hidden gestures you should know about. In this video we cover them all. They are: 1. One-finger zoom by double-tapping and sliding your finger 2. Two-finger rotate and tilt 3. Two-finger slide from the right side to open the menu 4. Sign-in to access your search history and tell Maps where you live and work 5. Turn off shake-to-send-feedback to avoid annoying accidental actions 6. Swipe right/left when you search for POIs 7. Swipe right/left when you are doing navigation

17 thoughts on “Google Maps for iPhone Tips and Tricks

  1. I’ve got the last version of IOS but unfortunately I can’t find google maps not in the latest update neither on App store!! Can someone help me please?

  2. It’s fixed! I had to go into the web version and enable web history. The option is NOT in the new app! Works great now. Awesome concise voice directions! Phenomenal searches. No need for an address!.

  3. iphones get android features a couple years later. Android is just as sleek and fast, but with more capabilities and google services built in as a bonus. Google now works with google maps on android and its better than srii.

  4. Why do they get excited when apple keeps adding small things from the android operating system then? Google’s operating system is a lot better and way ahead. If you have an ios device you’ll see a glimpse of how it is now in a couple years.

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