Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

  1. Stefan Becker says:

    Absolutely expendable this feature, like the mostly features from Google

  2. Abdulla Ahmad says:

    I want to ask how to put man on street I can’t

  3. Laura Collins says:

    street view has come in handy for me some many times!

  4. Luis Garcia says:

    Blackberry’s version looks crapy compared to android and iphone’s version

  5. thedonsmurfo says:

    street view is awesome

  6. NewKeepSharing31 says:

    in android google maps need fast internet conection speed 😀

  7. Mangredof says:

    i can’t manage to install on my microwave

  8. JustinNeverSayNever7 says:

    The Video is really funny 😛

  9. Dean Rozen says:

    i hope its better on iphone

  10. videofxnoosa says:

    cannot download to tablet 

  11. malcolmleonyoung says:

    Sooo much better than GPS – no extra device needed.

  12. saijai587 says:

    Google map is good for map.

  13. kopi5896 says:

    Google maps will help you if your bicycle tire is flat. Thank you for Google.

  14. minami935 says:

    Google map for mobile is great.

  15. dmcarefuldriver says:

    Street view on a Blackberry? They should show it on an iPhone. It works way better. You can use multitouch to pan around in images. And it’s really fast.

  16. Owen4004 says:

    im glad i have friends

  17. Russell Jones says:

    can’t live w/o google maps. even my GPS can’t find my house, but google maps does!

  18. tomeudotcom says:

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  19. catriona249 says:

    will not let me download

  20. nealshireman says:

    I saw my house :3

  21. fruit1fuckin1ninja says:

    fucking awosome!!! thnx!

  22. OliviatheSlave says:

    this is great; wonder if i have to pay for it though?

  23. Dannyvee44 says:

    lol 2 both

  24. 111mendy says:

    dose it work on apple i-phone ?

  25. Victortrotska says:

    And get lost by a bastard like me giving false directions into a “bad neighbourhood”! haha! joking

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