Google Maps is Back on iOS!

Retweet: Name: Google Maps is Back on iOS! Description: The Google Maps app is back on iOS. Check out this video for all of the…

17 thoughts on “Google Maps is Back on iOS!

  1. He has replied to it. You’re the only one making a fuss about it. Go find something else to be mad about, bro. This ain’t worth your or my time.

  2. And yet again: I’m not crying anyone a river and i’m not taking an offense in any shape or form from your statement. I was just simply asking you for a reasonable explanation of why the OP is an ”Apple fanboy” because he likes the Apple maps better than Google’s one. Oh, so the OP didn’t feel offended by your statement just because he hasn’t replied yet? That doesn’t prove a shit. He has most likely never checked his inbox for quite a time or doesn’t care to reply to idiots like you.

  3. Any idea if this app will show saved driving direction? the iphone google map app is showing saved addresses but non of the saved travel Itinerary. I can see how this could effect Garmin if we where to import the gbx files to maps and then open with iphones!

  4. And yet again: Cry me a river, you’re the only one taking an offense in what I wrote, not even the OP did. So if you can’t deal with my statement, it’s better you go off the internet for good, because this is the way it’s done here.

  5. First of all i’m not crying anyone a river. And 2nd, your comment was not an opinion, it was a statement. An invalid and pathetic one. Yes, this is the internet and people like are the ones who just ruins it.

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