Google Maps Navigation (Beta)

a demonstration of Google Maps Navigation (Beta), an internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voice guidance as a free feature of …

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17 Responses to Google Maps Navigation (Beta)

  1. blasjunior93 says:

    Pongan en español taombien para que ganen publicidad

  2. rosario4928rbsp says:

    Poner en español

  3. awesomekirollos says:


  4. mamadoudiop960 says:


  5. TheHero189 says:

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  6. Boy Mundo says:

    this is great..

  7. snow wight says:

    ilov it

  8. dzarling42 says:

    It took So long for PROMO I never even got to use the product

  9. pascalrivas68 says:


  10. TheDragonrage25 says:

    as long as its running android.

  11. noelhazel25 says:

    This is great i love it

  12. 弘明 山田 says:

    持っている方はアダプターもイイですね フロントガラスにコレがイイ。

  13. 弘明 山田 says:


  14. Salvatore De Felice says:

    il napoli è più forte della rubentus

  15. John Kauff says:

    how much is device?or any GPS can have this? 

  16. Bartek Juszczak says:

    The guy is a programmer… He’s not actually going to leave the office 😛 

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