Google Maps Navigation on BlackBerry 10

Demo of Google Maps Voice Navigation running as a Android app on BlackBerry 10. The device I’m using is called the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device as it was the first BlackBerry 10 phone seeded to developers. This is not the final BlackBerry 10 device that will be launching in Jan of 2013. Google Maps Navigation was sideloaded onto my device and is able to run because of the Android player installed into the BlackBerry OS. For more on how to do this, go here… On where to download the Google Maps .bar file, go here…

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5 Responses to Google Maps Navigation on BlackBerry 10

  1. hecham888 says:

    how much did u get phone for ????????

  2. no1robson says:

    Makes a bit of a mockery of the “dont interact with your device while driving” advice. Titter

  3. teddy2u21 says:

    Just like always blackberry having problems with GPS. I get GPS signal in basement with every other phone

  4. vgorous says:

    will download when I get bb10! thanks for this!

  5. Kushan Dharmasri says:

    Thats awesome .. looking forward to it

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