Google maps New Year's resolutions around the world

Google maps New Year's resolutions around the world
SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Google is letting people peg their New Year's resolutions to an online map and see what promises others around the world have set out to keep in 2013. By Friday, a resolutions section at the California Internet giant's 2012 …
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Winning the local SEO game
To address that, the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) got together and created a standard data platform that allows you to tell them exactly what your website is all about by using "tags" in the code. There are specific tags for …

Sonja Farak, Chemist, Accused Of Evidence Tampering At Amherst
You wouldn't think the Dutch Royal Family would be a prime target for madmen, but the Huis Ten Bosch Palace remains heavily pixilated on Google Maps no matter the angle. (The surrounding area … This location is not blocked in Yahoo! Maps. There is no …
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