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Google Maps

Image by brettneilson
Google Maps are a great thing! I have been up to my eyeballs trying to figure out the API in preparation for the upcoming Wasatch 100. I have finally got a working map of the entire course with all 15 aid stations and a 1001 waypoint trail (seen in purple). This map will be linked to from the runners time page which we will be updating about ever 5 minutes for the duration of the run.

In working with the Google Map API, I decided to recode the Where’s Brett page. I was able accomplish something I wanted to for quite some time and that is the consolidation of the former "Brett’s Locations" and the "Where’s Brett" page into one. Now when you see my location on the Where’s Brett page, you will also see things nearby that I like, enjoy or frequently visit…

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  1. Not this year… That is the plan for next year! The best part is we will be able to do it without putting a tracking device on the runners. Using our database we are able to predict pace based on previous years performance of runners. With that information we can predict the approximate location of any runner (give or take a bit)…

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