Google Master Plan (frame 2)

Google Master Plan (frame 2)

Image by jurvetson
From the Google HQ whiteboard.

The Google OS is eclipsed by the implications of GoogleGoo and nanobots… (next)

8 thoughts on “Google Master Plan (frame 2)

  1. Er… I read the other day in the paper that Larry is already into launching space rockets and/or investing in this kind of activities and research… with some other rich people who have this new ‘hobby’. True? Maybe this mural is not so -literally- fantastic. 0-)

  2. This contains some of the most rational ideas. GoogleOS, P2P, Micropayments and Self-Operating Data Centers are among the top that I would like to see. I think the thing to keep in mind is that they have the potential to exceed in any area that they put thier collective minds too. Many things have been done, but they have not been done the "Google Way".

  3. so when are they going to get to the carefully landscaped set of 4 ultimate frisbee fields, complete with lighting for night play? geeks need to exercise you know. the current field is WAY too small and doesn’t drain properly. come on Steve, i always expected you or Warren to fund it… either Sergey or you guys should do it 😉

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