Google may have 1 million employees: CEO Larry Page

Google may have 1 million employees: CEO Larry Page
NEW DELHI: Search giant Google, considered to be among the most innovative companies in the world, may have as many as one million employees one day, according to its CEO and co-founder Larry Page. In an interview with Wired magazine, Page said …
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No donkeys were harmed in the making of Street View: Google denies killing
Google has been forced to deny killing a donkey with its Street View car in Botswana. Images of the animal lying at the side of a dirt track in the Kweneng region of the African country spread online earlier this week. This lead to complaints and …
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Pirate Bay Branded “Malware Distributor” by Google
attackpage stopsign Users of Firefox and Chrome may have a little difficulty access some pages on the Pirate Bay, or indeed any other site that uses the bayimg service provided by TPB. A series of malware alerts, sent to Google, have resulted in sites …
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