Google News Badges

With Google News badges, you can keep track of what you’re reading, create a more personalized experience on Google News, and share what you love with friends. To get started with badges, visit
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  1. look at the top comment? see, it /kinda/ works, if you know what i mean. i mean, obviously its a joke, but it wouldn’t hurt to give people a sense of belonging, achievement and accomplishment. if they choose to troll about and be bitches about it, heck, we cant really stop all of them, but most will use this constructively, i believe. egh, too bad though, another fun (yes kinda useless) but still fun tool gone forever.

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  3. these… badges, man, kids (and grown-up babies like me) will want to hoard these badges, ranks, (ever notice how addicted we all are in role playing games?), inadvertently producing an unprecedented generation of super-well informed people! pair that up with more diverse content found on the net vs traditional whitewashed journalism, it could play a part in opening up our minds for the greater good!

  4. Every fall, Google does ‘spring cleaning’ and they discontinue some things that they believe don’t fit in. For example, last year, they removed Google desktop, and they got a lot of criticism because of it. Google news badges is kind of usless…

  5. To what end could this possibly serve? So I read twenty pages of basketball stuff and get a badge, so what? Do I really need someone to tell me that I’m good at reading basketball stuff? This feature fell flat on its face for a reason.

  6. You got an Al Jolson black face badge? The reported that interrupted Obama at his “I don’t give a crap about congress and the constitution, I’m making 800,000 illegal aliens US citizens teleprompter recitation, didn’t even get one of those.

  7. Reminds me of the yellow star the Nazi’s “Insisted” the Jews wear………Wanna round up dissenters? Just check out what someone read by checking out their Google stars, or check out their equally unwise “advertisements” on Facebook etc…..

  8. If you wanted to do something useful, you could add and X on news items so you can close them after reading. Thumbs up and down on news stories for personalized news would be good too.

  9. Lemme take a guess… you’re under 18? 😛 Honestly, people manage to complain about everything. It’s the same thing as statistics and charts of what you read, which Google has anyways if you have an account, so why not use it? They didn’t have to make it into a cutesy badge system, but it doesn’t really change the information it gives you.

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