Google News creator Krishna Bharat at IJ-7

Krishna Bharat, founder and engineering head of Google News, speaks with David Nordfors, Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Innovation an…
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21 Responses to Google News creator Krishna Bharat at IJ-7

  1. adelle0001 says:

    thanks for sharing this video!

  2. VundaF says:

    June 7th was my brother’s birthday.

  3. 100likes says:

    Deos anybody else notice the 5 star circled on the bigining

  4. fthis12345 says:

    LOL…my thoughts exactly.

  5. olli2591 says:

    Yeah he knows Android tablets suck 😀

  6. pranavaswaroop says:

    that guy is using an iPad to take cues :)

  7. somerealnews says:

    Hey Google. Can you tell the assholes in the Youtube copyright office to process my damned Viacom counternotice. Over a month of getting my chain jerked. AGAIN! You scum bags sent cops to harass my 70 yr old mother who has high blood pressure and just recovered from a stroke? You r piss poor excuses for humans

  8. dean4516 says:

    Try news. It is almost exactly like the old Googe News. YouTube won’t let me post the link, so you’ll have to google “asknews”. Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with, I just like to read news in a user friendly format. I think the whole change is really about forcing people to log in so they can do some data mining on what you do.

  9. MoJoSB says:

    What is also funny is to think this guy might be the guy who sunk google once and for all. If I can help in anyway in sinking this company, I do my part.

  10. MoJoSB says:

    I kind of have to thank this guy for opening my eyes. After the HORRIBLE News interface update, it really started me thinking how very bad google has been in the last few years and what is to come in the future. If you want to be tethered to Google the rest of your life, feel free to use all their stuff. Cause once they have you, they really have you and you are screwed. I still use AOL because I’m interwoven with it and I won’t let that happen with Google. NO WAY!

  11. deecee720 says:

    Please quit smoking today, By learning how smoking can really affect You and Your life

  12. willwork4freedom says:

    Hey Dickhead at Google… your new News format sucks ass. It sucks big ass!

  13. r00t4rd3d says:

    Change the news site back to the old version !

  14. nebadon2025 says:

    thanks for ruining google news!! this guy should be fired!

  15. Xtraeme says:

    So this is the guy to blame for the horrible new layout? Booooooo!

  16. Jan Knotek says:

    I think that to be employee in Google is not so poor and he is leading the team. Its not so easy to run some bussiness and google news has no adds, are they making a money from this?

  17. harkes12 says:

    why he didnt made his own website… he is working and someone else is earning…


    Señores de Google hacer los videos bilingues que para esos somos la segunda lengua en el mundo de todos


    Señores de Google publicar tambien en español que es la segunda lengua por derechos

  20. gig300300300 says:

    he is just a employee a poor employee. why he didnt made his own website… he is working and someone else is earning…

  21. Dave Vickery says:

    Vic Gundotra’s long lost twin?

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