Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Finally time to check out the Nexus 4 vs the Galaxy s4, can the Nexus 4 keep up with the newly released galaxy s4? Check out my channel for the latest review…
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12 Responses to Google Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. AppleGeek Man says:

    You can tell he was excited when the Nexus 4 won cuz he would go “so uhh YA!” hahaha

  2. Unam469 says:

    The Nexus is smoother than the S4 and the One. I have all 3 phones. The Nexus camera is pretty bad though.

  3. Larry Alexaner says:

    “So ahhh yea” lol

  4. mariok64 says:

    i love quad core devices 

  5. intenseWreckage says:

    nexus 4 because of the price

  6. DustyWINGZ says:

    Well considering the Nexus 4 was released in October the fact that it is still even a discussion gives Nexus 4 the win…

  7. Rezi Tedoradze says:

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  8. Leung Ken says:

    i think just the monitor S4 is bigger the Nexus 4 and the LTE Nexus 4 is better than S4 BTW S4 also design for dog

  9. oode says:

    Lol, never heard that saying before.

  10. Musa Sahin says:

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  11. SlaveOfAllah says:

    Some of the comments are under animal level

  12. Nedim Tabakovic says:

    Galaxy Stutter 4 hahahaha WTF LOL

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