Google Nexus 5 souped up with Android KitKat, LTE, and low price.

Google Nexus 5 souped up with Android KitKat, LTE, and low price. Google’s flagship handset isn’t holding back–not only does it have LTE, a Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 1080p screen, but you can a…
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19 Responses to Google Nexus 5 souped up with Android KitKat, LTE, and low price.

  1. Mark Fortner says:

    There’s an interesting segment in this episode on a modular customizable upgradeable phone from Google Motorola. Imagine having a phone that you don’t have to throwaway every year just to get the latest hardware upgrades.

  2. Joshua Strobl says:

    I think +Google really hit the mark with the #nexus5 . Beautiful 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 processor, wireless charging and all for 349.99. Oh and kudos to +CNET for the unbiased review, especially coming from a company that predominately overrates Apple hardware. Far better than +The Verge’s “hands on” by Sir Douchealot +Dieter Bohn.

  3. Dell Pacino says:

    This is how it’s done +The Verge

  4. CliqueRevolution says:

    Seeing this review makes me really excited, although I recognize that this handset isn’t for everybody. Bulgdoom brought up some really good points about data limits and limited coverage being potential factors in dissuading people from getting this technology. Kudos to Google for this!

  5. Vikingdescendent says:

    This is a typical brief CNET ad /review. I use to watch CNET often ’till they bombarded the viewers with ads to the point where you just have to walk away. But then there is the exceptional Brian Cooley and Car Tech that can also be watched on YouTube. Great work Brian!

  6. Arturo Eduardo De la Rosa Calva says:

    I soooo badly want this phone. But is supposed to go for 350usd and is selling for 8,500mxn in this shitty country!! In what freaking world is that fare when the exchange rate is 13mxn for 1usd. That is almost twice as much!

  7. Ivancho MusicFactory says:

    THIS will be my next phone :3

  8. Jabbypants says:

    Got this phone love mine.

  9. Gilberto Torres says:

    Does it have an sd slot????

  10. Fabian Cruz says:

    How a proper hands on is done… #iVerge

  11. Francisco Camacho says:

    Why does everyone keep bitching about the internal memory and the battery? Don’t expect this phone with all those specs be able to last more than one day

  12. paride784 says:

    For cherokpr NEXUS 5!!

  13. bablutu says:

    at 350 bucks it squashes competition

  14. MrBvirk says:

    wtf did i just read smh

  15. Giovanni Torres says:

    Is it just me or is that water motorbike game the only game cnet demos when it shows off android phones?

  16. Bulgdoom says:

    Every person with data limit, limited coverage, traveling needs, and desire to have fast and easily accessible data anytime, anywhere. Also the ability to store saved info on an external card with custom recoveries like TWRP and ability to fully format onboard SD card and have backup in case of problems. Did I mention the battery saving from not using data constantly?

  17. sainter7 says:

    why? with things like dropbox, spotify, and youtube, who has files on their phone anymore?

  18. Bulgdoom says:

    1998 is still far from 2014, and $50 for 16GB defeats the cost purpose, I can get a 64GB UHS SD card for that price

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