Google Nexus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Google Nexus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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16 thoughts on “Google Nexus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  1. This review gets a -10 for shitty reviewers. Seems like THE ONLY good reviewer from this site, is that white chick with the crinkly hair. This idiot slams the faux leather backing of the Note 3, when literally EVERY other review I’ve seen on the phone, has praised it! And as soon as this fantard suggests the Nexus has the better camera, the .02% of credibility he had left, was flushed down the toilet. Shit review! Someone could offer me the Nexus 5 for free, and I’d still have bought my Note 3!

  2. Wow. What are you talking about. No way the Nexus took better pics then the Note 3. Also why did you open the back cover like that? Check the right side just above the power button. 

  3. wow can you say nexus fanboy..I’m sorry but the nexus camera doesn’t touch the note 3’s camera..granted its a great improvement over the nexus 4..but the pictures don’t come close to the quality of the note 3’s pics..this is a somewhat biased review..he must really love his nexus 5

  4. What the hell is this?! The nexus 5 is a good phone BUT compared to the Note 3, Samsung wins hands down! Damn these Fanboys. I FEEL LIKE TURNING THAT NEXUS 5 SIDE WAYS AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP HIS CANDY ASS!!!! In my Rock voice!!

  5. So I think what he (“they”, as he would say) is saying here is: The pressure sensitive feature of the stylus is not worth mention. The multi-window feature is not worth mention. More options are bad. More functions are bad. More size is bad. …aaaaaand that about wraps it up.

  6. lol at all the note 3 fanboys here!! he wasn’t a biased reviewer at all. i’m trying to decide between these two phones and it seemed fair to me. also the reviews of the nexus 5 generally complain about the slow auto-focus and slow shutter, not the quality of the photos, so i don’t think he’s off-base when he says that the nexus takes better looking pics, especially with hdr on. hell there were photos in the video! the ones from the nexus had better dynamic range

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