Google Nexus 6 “Real Review”

This phone is a Go! Check out my other Nexus Videos, – Unboxing – Spigen Neo Hybrid Case – Camera Test …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Google Nexus 6 “Real Review”

  1. Flossy Carter says:

    Google Nexus 6 “Real Review”:

  2. ReviewTheBest says:

    The Nexus 6 is the best Nexus device ever built, nice video!

  3. David Lawman says:

    Many of your videos are filmed at 4:44! :)

  4. 2007suprasport says:

    Hey! Floss are you an executive Vice president? Or senior vice president? 

  5. Cody Lamson says:

    Surprised the m8 isn’t in your top dogs anymore. A month ago when you did the note review it was pretty much your favorite next to the note. I can agree though, it’s falling back. Mine was beautiful at first now i’m having camera issues, battery problems, charging problems, lag, and cellular issues. Pretty disappointed with the longevity of it. Tryna figure what phone i want now.

  6. Dee Jimenez says:

    Here comes Flossy with realest reviews on YouTube for over 4 years. I’m not even being sarcastic. On paper the Nexus 6 is great, but the battery and other small issues (price), prevent it from being top of the food chain. The Note 4 is still the top dog, especially after the Android 5.0 update hits soon. 

  7. Jason Rutibager says:

    Your old reviews .. you had a blackberry in the top dog list. Did you see the Blackberry passport? I would love to see you review that!

  8. dee jay says:

    Nexus 6 in opinion is trash they should have keep the price the same and stock Android eww 

  9. Cesar Fournier says:

    How you mange to squeeze all those apps, the weather gadget and google search bar in the home screen? I’m trying to do the same on my Note 3. LOL

  10. Matteo Matthews says:

    2:30 Is the nexus 6 battery garbage? +Flossy Carter​​​ ​​a real consumer Google Nexus 6 “Real Review”:

  11. Picaso Ent says:

    Yeah breda. I agree with “The Real Review”! With your runs through devices breda it proves a big reason why i don’t too much follow the “Specs” hype! It is a sick phone though. respect for “The Real Review”! Dun Kno. #StraightFloss +Flossy Carter 

  12. rayanrislani says:

    How you doing Flossy 

  13. Orion says:

    Good review Floss. Being that I’m a stock android head….I’m rocking the Nexus 6. I disagree with the battery life though. I’m going through the day with no problems and I’m a heavy user lol. BTW I could have sworn I heard some Street Fighter there lol. 

  14. Kenyan Guidry says:

    My ok Google is bi polar ..sometimes it works like a charm and other times it straight ignores my ass 

  15. megagene says:

    Awesome review as always, dude. And was that the Street Fighter II coin insert sound effect I heard for your notification tone at 5:42? If so, You win! Perfect! 

  16. 1300l says:

    Floss i have a question for you. When the other phones have Lollipop, will the Nexus 6 drop on your “rank”? For example the G3 to be your secound favorite with Lollipop (And notes at first still ofcourse)?

  17. ninjamaster2009 says:

    CM12 is out for the T-Mobile Note 4 so you can get stock if you want on XDA if anyone was wondering. +Flossy Carter 

  18. Grimlock1973 says:

    Got the note 4 over the nexus 6 because of all the things you mentioned in this review vid Floss! I LOVE large screen phones too but could not pull the trigger on the nexus 6 because of the pinkish color of the screen and the burn in! Just waiting for the zerolemon 10,000 mah battery and case for my note 4 and we all good!

  19. Dante Bradley says:

    I have lollipop on my Moto X. Don’t know if it qualifies as “stock” though. 

  20. R.A. Yarrell says:

    It’s always been pretty plain and simple for me nothing beats +Samsung Mobile or the Galaxy Note products period. Now with the Galaxy Note Edge on the scene the Galaxy Note products are in it’s own stratosphere totally untouchable nothing comes close. In today’s tech game if your not rolling #Note4andGearS or #NoteEdgeandGearS they you’re not rolling period. +Flossy Carter Many thanks for KEEPING IT REAL about the putrid battery life on the Nexus 6 I just can’t figure out why every Nexus has POOR battery life year in and year out like clock work. Inspite of Lollipop 5.0 and project Volta I view the Nexus 6 as a perpetrating phablet it brings nothing to the phablet table which has been made prominent by +Samsung Mobile since 2011. At the end of the day I get 6 to 7hrs on screen time daily with 20hrs daily use on my Note 4 NO NEXUS will ever top that screw Lollipop 5.0 it’s bug infested. 

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