Google Nexus 6 Review: Android’s Next Logical Step

Google Nexus 6 Review: Android's Next Logical Step

Wondering what the latest pure-Android smartphone from Google is all about (and why it’s so big)? Check out Pocketnow’s video review, then see our full written review at Pocketnow: http://pocketnow…
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19 thoughts on “Google Nexus 6 Review: Android’s Next Logical Step

  1. Google went full retard with the nexus 6 , all they had to do was hyper up the nexus 5 with baller specs and we would have been happy BUT NOOOOOOOOOO god forbid the consumer get what they want…… i waited so long for this phone and it was a total fail.

  2. I have a question that sounds stupid but is really important to me, and I’ve yet to find an answer. Is the touch sensor in the screen sensitive enough to recognize a pencil? My Tegra Note 7 can, and using a pencil as a stylus is one of those things that sounds stupid until you try it.

  3. +Pocketnow +Michael Fisher Does the AT&T branded one come with Qi Wireless Charging or the AT&T branded wireless charging? I can care less cause I always just use the adapter whatever the phone I have comes with. But at one point I was willing to give it a try with my LG G3 till I found out AT&T removed the Qi charging, and replaced it with their own.

  4. I completely disagree with this review about the camera and the battery. I have had the N6 for two weeks now and I leave my house at 6am and not get back home til about 2am the next morning. During that time period I’m connected to my g watch r the entire time, gps battery saver is on fist half of the day, I toggle the wifi on/off while I attend classes in the morning, display is at 50% until dusk which is at 5pm in Boston, ma. And in between all that I’m texting all day, a lot of YouTube , heavy use of play music, talking on the phone moderately with a Bluetooth headset. I still get home with one charge and my phone would be at 4% with battery saver kicking in when it hits 15% and it would say I have 2hrs left. That’s 24hrs by my count so with all that being said u think its a batch issue cause my N6 works beyond amazing!!! @pocketnow @google #nexus6

  5. Mike Fisher, We normally see eye to eye on reviews. But I would have to say that you missed it on this one. It is obvious that the size of the phone bothers you. Size of a device will chalk up to preference. I will agree that the device is not made for someone with small hands looking to do a lot of one handed operation. The HTC One M8 or iPhone 6 is ideal. I got the phone after your unboxing. Can’t say that I’m experience lag. I’m running two Google profiles on my phone, one for personal and an encrypted one for work. I’m a social network junkie running: FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, IB and Lync for work. I text with the native messenger app for my personal and Hangouts for my work. Running Gmail for my corporate email and Google Inbox for my personal. I have 4 calendar accounts and use Google Wallet daily. Oh and I have 3 phone numbers mapped to my phone. No lag or stutter. Audio quality issues are a known AT&T thing. Not sure if your issues with audio on Spotify or Sparkle were while you were using it on their network. As far as Google providing more accessibility to things like notifications, really will depend on the user. I have big hands and can swipe down one handed. But again size will be a user preference. iPhone 6 Plus is the same height as the Nexus 6 and just a little bit thinner in width. So I don’t understand the awkward on the ear comment. Thanks for showing us the wireless charging station, Aukey. I will definitely get one. So the review had some good stuff. But there is a real opportunity to show this Nexus device running Lollipop and all that is capable of doing. The review was side tracked a lot by your size preferences. To demonstrate the flagship phone of Google and its best OS yet on their device is what we need.

  6. This is such a letdown. For the price, I expect more. Not just pure android on a phone. Many OEMs make pure android phones. This phone doesn’t have anything extra to offer. 

  7. Being a Verizon customer, I was VERY tempted to buy a Nexus 6. Especially since the 1 Nexus phone I’ve owned was the Galaxy Nexus, and I LOVED IT!!!!! However the more I see and hear about the 6, the more I’m glad I passed. I’m sure it’s fine for some people, but stock Android doesn’t do it for me when it comes to a massive phone like this. If it had split screen, multi window multitasking, and 1 handed control like Samsung and LG, I would buy it for sure. However Google just seemed to miss the writing on the walls. This was the PERFECT opportunity to showcase phablet-ready features built into stock Android. Instead we just got a great big phone with no idea of how to make use of the extra size…….. Nexus devices are supposed to showcase what Googles idea of an Android phone is supposed to be. 1 look at this phone tells us Google has no idea what a Nexus phablet is supposed to be.

  8. Love the unbiased reporting here, likening the Nexus 6’s under-utilization of the added real estate to the IPhone 6 Plus: Both Motorola and Apple get their hands in the “phablet smartphone pie”, but miss the bar HUGELY by failing to add functionality proportional to the added size. There are consumers that just want a big phone for reasons other than the added productivity that is implicit in that size gain, though, but it just isn’t appealing to someone who doesn’t see the benefit of getting a useless phablet over a tablet that does the same things, but better.

  9. well it is overpriced. the previous nexus versions were just ‘less’ overpriced. $685 for a phone is ridiculous. phones like this should be $350. all phone are ridiculously overpriced.

  10. Not all of us want a huge phone,my bro has a galaxy s5 and that’s just ok for me,bigger than that and is just not good for me,the nexus 5 looked sexy and has a good size,too bad the jump to the nexus 6 felt like 2 generations of distance and not just one,i think 5.2″ or 5.5″ would have been more acceptable but oh well,there are other options,since the performance of smsrtphones nowadays is pretty damn good,we have better and more different options than a 6 inch phablet. 

  11. LOL lags on stock android? Can’t wait to see the massive lags on samsung’s touchwhiz when lollipop comes to note 4 or s5. This is going to be hilarious.

  12. “Android’s Next Logical Step” you exposed the opposite considering how 5.0 does not really use the added screensize. Lets be honest, touchwiz shines here, and it is embarrasing to see Lollipop still has no benefits for big screens and tablets.

  13. Seriously, what was google thinking! I would have happily taken a Nexus 5 with the specs of the nexus 6 with android L! This has to be the worst nexus ever!

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