Google Nexus 6: Unboxing & Review

Google Motorola Nexus 6 unboxed and reviewed with an Android 5.0 Lollipop walkthrough, includes benchmarks, camera samples, and comparisons. Specs & Pricing: …

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20 Responses to Google Nexus 6: Unboxing & Review

  1. Eric Melendez says:

    I won’t deny that there are some good android phones out there. But I hate android, just looking at the phones of people I hang out with I get confused. There are simply to many features on android. Some are wonderful, but in practice I would never use them. I love iOS because it’s so simple and it’s the easiest OS to pick up and use out of the box. I can do everything on my iPhone, you can also do everything on an android flagship, however, I would rather do everything on a simple and beautiful OS that is consistent and stable. 

  2. Yugi Muto says:

    I got the Note 4 over this for two reasons. 1. It takes advantage of the large screen better. 2. Honestly, stock Android is kinda dull for me.

  3. ZONEofTECH says:

    Love the recent “”hints” you’re giving us, at the end of your videos :)

  4. Damiano Penzo says:

    Bello bello e ancora bello

  5. Bob Saleh says:

    This is a great phone, but I am concerned with the screen size. Do we really need a 6 inch phone? My iPhone 6 size is probably the best size for a smartphone. 4.5-4.7″ screens are most suitable. Other than that, the phone is way too large if it’s greater than 5″ and that includes the Note 4, Nexus 6, and iPhone 6+. Please stop making phones so big. Who agrees? 

  6. SilverWave says:

    Why are phones getting so large? Damn…

  7. Shellymon. HD says:

    I’ve been waiting for this special unboxing video, great job Mike.

  8. Arman Hasan says:

    25:21 is that Apple Watch?

  9. Quazi Irtiza says:

    Great Review Mike! btw that snow, ur dog and house are beautiful!

  10. EpicPudding says:

    Still waiting for Android L to arrive on my Nexus 7 (2013) T_T

  11. Paul Phillips says:

    Lack of a notification light bugs me

  12. Aravind Babu says:

    That’s rather short for a Detroittborg review :P

  13. ron bZoom says:

    A couple of reviewers said the dark blue Nexus 6 is a bit of a finger print magnet. Is that the case with the white as well? Anybody? Thanks!

  14. Hene193 says:

    It does have notification LED! But it is not enabled by default. Source: XDA

  15. Isaac Abraham says:

    Haha love the ending. Cheers to the best tech reviewer! I hope so much that your popularity keeps soaring Mike.

  16. Bogart Bente singko says:

    There is an LED light found in the middle of speaker discover by xda .correct if wrong

  17. dGladiator says:

    Why is the screen so pink-ish?

  18. Rodrigo Santos says:

    You can disable the option of mix the pages of Chrome with the multitasking. It’s on chrome configurations. 

  19. arnoldiraq says:

    This is more of a software review video, not the phone. 

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