Google Nexus 9 Hands On vs Review

Google Nexus 9 Hands On vs Review

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25 Responses to Google Nexus 9 Hands On vs Review

  1. Phones Amazing says:

    If you like the video please share Help me

  2. Mike Oakley says:

    Another leaked video on Nexus 9. Pretty zippy and smooth. Might want to turn down volume. Google Nexus 9 Hands On vs Review:

  3. Vilmar Simson says:

    Nexus 9 hands on video. No subtitles available. 

  4. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    This thing fly! 

  5. Nishchint Chawla says:

    looks amaaazzzinggg… the best tablet option in market now.

  6. Carlos Nungaray says:

    Google Nexus 9 Hands On vs Review:

  7. Chris Choi says:

    All of sudden, I wanna drink Ching Tao beer

  8. Dave Loft says:

    Another hands on review of the #Nexus9 

  9. Praveen stein says:

    english! please english!

  10. Reith Walls says:

    Found a great hands-on video of the Nexus 9. Really shows off the size and gripability (spelling?).

  11. My Andriod Life says:

    So fast!!!!

  12. Daniel Lomholt says:

    My. Next. Tablet. So fucking sexy!

  13. Anton Iliev says:

    The bezel is to big. like with the nexus 7 tab s 8.4 is my favorite tablet of 2014. The display is the best one available on the market ! 

  14. EliteSpanishGamer says:

    What? Que? なに

  15. Rick Dees says:

    Slow down, for what?!

  16. ricardo fragoso barrera says:

    NO entiendo un carajo!!!!

  17. leinaddf says:


  18. PuppyProwd says:

    Holy shit! I thought Android ran fast on the Nexus 5, but that was amazingly fast!

  19. hahahahahahhaist says:

    wow look how many applications are open and it still running butter smooth, i am checking nexus website every hour i cant wait to pre order this beautiful thing 

  20. Nick Sylve says:

    Since it has tegra in it will the games be optimized well? 

  21. Raimi Shakir Azman says:

    Very fluid. Nice

  22. robertodhorn says:

    Great video, amazing tablet. Hope to get mine soon! But I can stop laughing. 

  23. Paul And Tech says:

    Finally I found a real hands-on with this! looks amazing and great video, just wish it was in English haha. I think I’m going to get it!!

  24. Sutthichai Dechsri says:

    VDO อึก 1 อันครับ อันเก่าดูไม่ไดัครับ Google Nexus 9 Hands On vs Review:

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