Google Nexus 9 Review!

The 9″ Pure Android Tablet from HTC: Nexus 9! Android 5.0 Review: NVIDIA Shield Tablet: Leo’s Fortune (game):…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. New MKBHD Video is live – Starting off December hot! Better late than never with this one: *Google Nexus 9 Review!* Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  2. Another piece of plastic Android trash. All these idiot companies do is copy Apple yet they can’t even copy the build quality and keep using plastic and shitty parts. “OH I HAVE A ONE BILLION PIXEL PER INCH 64 GB RAM NVIDIA SPACE ALIEN X PROCESSOR AND I CAN’T OPEN YOUTUBE OR MULTI-TASK HURRR-DURR I AM ANDROID.” And: “AT LEAST I CAN CHANGE MY OS AND WIDGETS AND HOME SCREEN.” Yes, having to root your device to fix the shitty OS and UI isn’t a feature, it’s a con. Guess what? Why would I want to change my iPhone UI or Mac UI/OS? No need, they’re perfection the entire industry tries to copy. The iPhone 5 on it’s “LOW SPECS” outclasses these plastic pieces of garbage phones. Samsung Note 4, pointless specs to lag at the homescreen and it’s a cheap piece of plastic. Stupid peasants. Just admit it, you don’t have the extra $200-500 for a premium product so you settle with junk. Being poor must suck, but there’s no reason to be bitter about it and be angry at people with better stuff than you. I don’t call Ferraris trash because I can’t afford one. – lays troll bait – 

  3. As most objective reviewers point out, stock Android sucks for tablets. It’s just a smartphone with a big screen. The only Android tablets worth anything are Samsung and LG with their multitasking abilities for actual productivity. The rest of the Androids are just for watching videos and playing games. iPads are better for games.

  4. It’s like he ignores/doesnt even mention its terrible problems such as the build quality that doesnt stop on just the buttons, the laggy interface that takes more time to open an app than my old ass n7 2012, the lightbleed, and more. He either just flat out doesnt say anything about certain issues or hes like “oh yea and this happens” and proceeds to talk about the next awesome device/android feature. Maybe its just me, I dont know, but Im getting a bit tired of this “everything is gorgeous yay android” kind of reviews. This tablet in particular is expensive as shit for an Android tablet. He should be harsher. 6700 MaH? That sucks! Say it!

  5. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for my mom on Friday. It cost $200. Snapdragon 800, 359ppi oled, etc. Please review this and compare with the N9; I think this will be a fair comparison.

  6. Glad I’m not alone in thinking this tablet is just not up to standard. It’s overpriced, uninspiring, low build quality and under performing. I’m by no means an Apple endorser, I think Google’s software is way superior to Apple’s, but the iPad just walks all over the Nexus 9. With the iPad, you get a tablet with 20x more tablet optimised apps, much higher build quality and design, and better performance. You messed it up HTC and Google. 

  7. *Finally. Someone that shares my thoughts on this.* Not worth it. After 3 replacements. Bad QA process. Below ok speakers. Heat issues. Laggy and performance issues at times. Smartphone battery life. I just can’t. I really wanted to love this damn thing! But HTC and Google won’t let me. 

  8. Anyone got any recommendations for other Youtube tech guys? MKB used to be the best but now he puts out like 2 videos a month and he’s always weeks later than everyone else…

  9. The only tablet I would buy would be a Nexus tablet. After looking at this, I’ll wait to take a look at the next one. Feels like too many companies are cutting corners in the build quality of Android tablets recently, right around the same time as some really good Android *phone* improvements are showing up.

  10. Yeah this thing was a complete disappointment for those of us who had high expectations of HTC. Hope this bombs massively and HTC learns their rightful lesson. 

  11. I think Google messed up with the new nexus devices. I had hoped the nexus line would be kind of a phone and a tablet “for the people”. Mid range price and size, and not spending anything on marketing to keep the price low and the specs high. I bought the latest 7 inch nexus tablet and absolutely love the thing, but was holding out for a new nexus phone. But whereas my tablet had been among the lowest priced on the market with very decent specs and a great reliable OS, the new phone was suddenly a beastly big thing with a beastly price tag. The tablet seems like the worst of both worlds with less than great build quality and reliability, and a big price tag and big screen size. Sometimes you just want a medium black coffee with no steamed milk, no cream, no sugar, no soy milk, no pumpkin spice, no extra shot. 

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