Google: no such thing as a free lunch

Google: no such thing as a free lunch
Google's bounteous canteens overflow with gratis grub: sushi, mussels and oysters feature regularly. But, green-eyed Boots Meal Dealers, rejoice, for all this might be about to change. Spoilsports at the US internal revenue service have raised an …
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Reddit Co-Founder Asks Google, Twitter to Fight CISPA
In the video, in which Ohanian unsuccessfully — and funnily — tries to get in touch with Google's Larry Page, the activist asks the search giant, as well as Facebook, and Twitter, to join his fight against CISPA. For him, the legislation goes too far …
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Could the iPhone go Google-free?
Analysts say Apple's strategy makes sense, competitively, but that any attempts to swap out Google with Yahoo will be well down the road. “It's probably less likely to happen near term after the way Apple Maps went,” says Tavis C. McCourt, senior …
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