Google “Not Provided” Solution Released by WebMeUp SEO Software Company to Display Missing Traffic Stats

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Google’s “not provided” data for keywords is causing serious disturbance to marketers who to any degree rely on Google Analytics as a source of data on their actual and potential clientele.

Using the secure search excuse, Google is hiding part of keyword-traffic data under the not provided label in Google Analytics, making SEOs and online marketers seek a solution that would help them get their valuable traffic data back.

WebMeUp SEO software house is offering a solution: the analysts and engineers developed an algorithm to provide Approximated traffic. The formula for the approximated traffic uses multiple statistical data from authority sources like comScore, Quantcast, EMarketer and Alexa.

*Why it is important*

With ever more marketers and business owners relying on their website as an instrument of fostering sales and/or promoting their brand, the ‘not provided’ problem is a serious blow. Not to say you do not have an idea of how your visitors/potential clients are finding you and what content they actually need, inability to get keyword data is also resulting in problems when you need to strategize on the fundamental level.

“Statistics on organic keywords that users search before finding a website are crucial in understanding your target audience and planning marketing strategy and tactics (not only SEO, but multiple other aspects of the marketing mix, including in many cases even modifying the products USP itself),” says Alexandra Shkalikova who is currently WebMeUps VP of Marketing.

*How it works*

The basic data for calculations are:

Known traffic for keywords
Current rankings for keywords
The composition of the results page (are there any ads or not, universal results on a page etc.)
The most recent stats on the click-through rates for different positions in SERPs
The known click-through rates on provided keywords, and some more stats.
Share of queries of search engines in particular regions
Search volume for keywords in particular regions

The results are delivered as Approximated traffic said to be Traffic stats that are even more precise than visible Google Analytics data for our test websites, as reported by Alexandra, WebMeUps spokesperson.

The Approximated traffic stats can be accessed in the Keywords and Rankings module, the data will be included in the users workspaces by default.

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*About WebMeUp*

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