Google Now Expands Its Reach, Integrates 70 More Services

Google Now Expands Its Reach, Integrates 70 More Services
With a newly open API, Google is working with its partners to present even more of that information on your mobile screen. And today, Google has announced more than 70 new integrations for Now. You can find new music to listen to, control your smart …
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Google's Password Alert Chrome extension will warn you if you enter your
People trying to steal your information through carefully crafted phishing websites is nothing new, but Google actively warning you if you fall foul of these attempts certainly is. As of today, there's a new chrome extension called Password Alert that …
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Judge orders Google to turn over data on Gov. Rick Scott's e-mail
In a major defeat for Gov. Rick Scott, a California judge on Thursday ordered Google to turn over the computer IP addresses for all correspondence to and from the governor's private Google email account since Jan. 15, 2011, and the accounts of two of …
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