Google Now vs. Siri: The rematch

Google Now vs. Siri: The rematch With the release of iOS 7 and Android 4.4, we bring the two most powerful virtual assistants back into the battle room to find out whi…
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16 thoughts on “Google Now vs. Siri: The rematch

  1. Virtual Assistant? That is an insult to Google Now. Siri > Virtual assistant Google Now > Artificial intelligence Siri was an AI and was destined for android. Until Apple bought it, and quickly got rid of it’s AI.

  2. The main reason I prefer Now, it anticipates what you are going to do. I get driving directions and potential delays for my route to work every single morning when I wake up. Flight confirmation in your email? Now finds it, checks traffic to the airport on your departure date a few hours ahead of time and can advise if you need to leave the house early. Really like a music group? Now will remind you that their new album is being released soon. Video games? Now can remind you that a game is being released on a given date. And all this without any additional effort on the users end. These are unfortunately features that a video like this simply cannot display because Now is always learning more about it’s user, their habits, tastes and plans. Bundle all this with conversational queries, fast response and accurate results, I will take Now over SIRI any day.

  3. as from my point of view Google Now is way much better, because of Many reasons, for example the Google Maps is more accurate and efficient, while SIRI gives many wrong addresses, and Google Now is faster searching online because of Chrome, SIRI is slower because of Safari, and Google Now is being updated and improve while SIRI remains very much the same without no noticeable changes.

  4. Siri can’t identify music? Odd. There’s a dozen apps that do that but still it should be in there. Now doesn’t even need you to ask, it detects music automatically!

  5. I’ve tried Google Now but I’ll stick with Siri most of the time. Now has the advantage of being faster in most cases and it compensates for some of Siri’s shortcomings. But Siri can do almost anything in iOS, and gives great data along with getting things done with all those services integrated whereas Now more often just performs a Google search action. Add to that the iPhone can wake from sleep mode straight into Siri, this is really convenient if you quickly want to check your unread email or ask something informative which Wolfram can answer in great detail. Additionally you can raise the iPhone to your ear to trigger Siri. Gotta love the “OK Google” voice trigger on Now though.

  6. One thing i like about Google now that she didn’t mention is that when you ask it to remind you about something, for example “remind me to get milk”. It gives you the option to set a location so that if you get near it Google now would then remind you to get that milk lol 

  7. Siri vs. Google Now in terms of search is kind of a push. In terms of pushing useful information to you, though, Google Now is far ahead. And that brings me to a question: Why in God’s name would Google put Google Now on iOS? It makes no sense to me that they’d give up such a competitive edge for Android. Anyone have any idea what they were smoking when they made that decision?

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