Google Now vs. Siri: The results speak for themselves Watch as we pit Siri against **Google Now** in a live test to find out which one offers the fastest, most accurate, and richest voice …
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13 Responses to Google Now vs. Siri: The results speak for themselves

  1. tecEErbe says:

    She’s so damn hot! 😀

  2. Elicia Armenta says:

    The timer and messages didn’t work as well on he s4 cuz ur using google. U need to use galaxy on the s4. Not google

  3. teriss nikol says:

    The iPhone has google now and Siri

  4. teriss nikol says:

    dear idiot samsung galaxy s4 is much faster and try on iOS 7

  5. samjs721 says:


  6. JaQuez Avondre says:

    If google now isn’t supported in your location then that sounds like a personal problem.

  7. napalmspyros says:

    Siri will always be better as google now doesn’t support my country so I can not use it…

  8. _doublecups says:

    She pretty

  9. seanio1998 says:

    Because that’s worse.

  10. Noxtastic says:

    This is exactly like the console war that is going on between Xbox and Playstation. Microsoft was trying to push technology further with the xbox one and the same case with google and android based phones. Yet people still hate on it and pick the other option.

  11. SuzukiPP says:

    Utilized Galaxy S4?? The Galaxy S4 native voice is S Voice, not Google Now, if u utilize a Motorola, it ‘ll do all that Siri does. (If my English is wrong, it’s because I’m a Brasileiro(Brazillian)).

  12. ZombieHordeTV says:

    Google now is better

  13. Aussie CadetSam says:


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