Google Now vs. Siri vs. Cortana

Caitlin O’Connell and Justin Markuson of Stone Temple Consulting highlight some of the most interesting queries that they came across while collecting data f…
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  1. *Demo of How We Did Our Voice Study Tests* See +Stone Temple Consulting team members demonstrate some comparative queries across Google Now, Siri, and Cortana! You can also see the full study here: 

  2. *Behind the Scenes: Testing How Google, Siri & Cortana Answer Questions* Earlier today we published a major study written up by +Eric Enge showing how well, in comparison, Google Now, Apple Siri, and Windows Cortana perform at answering various questions. See it at In the video below Caitlin and Justin, two of our +Stone Temple Consulting team members, demonstrate how they helped carry out this study by live querying the three systems for you.

  3. *Demo of How We Did Our Voice Study Tests* See +Stone Temple Consulting team members demonstrate some comparative queries across Google Now, Siri, and Cortana! You can also see the full study here: 

  4. This is great I hope you continue doing this every 6 months so i can check back and see how the three are doing. Just like I do with browsers every few months to see HTML5 support. 

  5. Nothing new here…check out this video if you haven’t already! Also, give +Eric Enge’s article a read for more information:

  6. Siri’s answer to “What does the fox say?” isn’t “a little more serious,” it is literally quoting the song, which also says the secret of the fox is an ancient mystery. It almost seems like Justin isn’t in on the joke. It’s also important to note where the data sources for queries like that come from. For that question, Siri uses Wolfram Alpha, which returns the same set of answers you’ll find Siri saying.

  7. @2:44– On the age of the Lincoln Tunnel, “None of them answered the question” ? What? Why don’t you let us see the Cortana result a little closer? The first answer Cortana returns is an except from Wikipedia that states: “In 2012, which marked the 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Tunnel…”. The second result does show Abe Lincoln and his birth and death date. And the third result states: “…the Lincoln Tunnel was opened on December 22, 1937…” Cortana ANSWERED the question correctly two different ways on the first screen of results. Neither Google Now, nor Siri had the correct answer anywhere on the first screen. Inexplicably, these people jump to the middle of the screen and claim Cortana failed by returning what they called an “Enhanced web result of Abraham Lincoln”. WHAT? If this is the level of attention and scrutiny that was used for this, the results are absolute garbage. 

  8. *Smartphone Assistants Go Head to Head, Google Now Comes Out On Top* First and foremost, this study, conducted by Stone Temple Consulting, is based purely on knowledge queries, not a comparison of personal assistant capabilities. That being said, all queries were conducted using voice commands so that there could be a direct comparison of not only how well information was retrieved, but also how well the AIs could understand your queries. moar: 

  9. SEO-агентство Stone Temple Consulting устроило состязание между онлайн-помощниками Siri, Cortana и Google Now, встроенными в мобильные телефоны на операционных системах от Apple, Microsoft и Google, соответственно. Всем трем “участникам” задавали одни и те же вопросы, а также ставили одинаковые задачи, коих в общей сложности было более 3 000. Для полной чистоты эксперимента, все задания озвучивались. Среди вопросов прозвучали: “Сколько будет 2+2?”, “Почему небо голубое?”, “Что такое любовь?” и даже извечный “What does the fox say?”. Победу в соревновании одержал сервис от Google. Представители STC связали победу с тем, что интернет-гигант, в отличие от конкурентов, специализируется на поисковой выдаче. Из заданных 3 086 вопросов Google Now удалось более или менее точно ответить на 1 795, что составило 58% верных ответов. В свою очередь, Siri верно обработала 908 голосовых запросов, что составило 29%, а Cortana ответила лишь на 630 запросов — 20% от общего числа. В Stone Temple Consulting уточнили, что, несмотря на результаты их исследования, его нельзя назвать сугубо научным и попросили относиться к нему не слишком серьезно. Источник: StoneTempleConsulting ( 

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