google office around the world

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13 Responses to google office around the world

  1. erikespinoza05 says:

    I wonder if they took all those perks away after google+

  2. TheLardtoast says:

    Jesus imagine how much money you would save working there!

  3. isaiahturner98 says:


  4. Media Money says:

    you dont know how computers work so you are the joke of the year….. just like facebook they dont really manage anything the computers do

  5. DadizTV says:

    hahahahahahahahahhahahaha joke of the year

  6. Pavan Praneeth says:

    u have every no time to use them i guess..

  7. Zaki Abdul says:

    awesome..!! lucky to anyone who work there..

  8. Jonathon Cafarelli says:

    … what exactly do they do there?

  9. endoslayer says:

    Sleeping pods! You gotta be kidding

  10. Kemal Duran says:

    video is talking about Google’s people oriented approach and its work environment.

  11. ux00ndi says:

    I want to work there

  12. youth78987 says:

    I’ll bet the workers worked hard in life to get this job, google job qualifications are probably so high, it’s not even funny

  13. cookieassassin12 says:

    do they have time to work? :P

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