google os

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  1. coolapple14 says:

    A google Os.. WITH FIREFOX? XD

  2. sakiiiiiilove says:

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  3. MrGabrielluco says:

    because it’s linux… lol

  4. MrGabrielluco says:

    Sei que você comentou isso já faz tempo, mas enfim… Não é um sistema operacional da Google propriamente dito, é uma distribuição do linux baseado no Ubuntu.

  5. JulioPerpetuo says:

    Um sistema operacional da Google com Mozilla Firefox instalado ? ‘-‘

  6. Milos Jankovic says:

    Nije lose !!!

  7. whatisoperating says:


  8. laptopdragon says:

    looks like a pigged out version of .e16 the only true (and original ) elegant minimalstic window manager. likely a good stepping stone from windows and mac morons into the world of slackware after 2:22…notice the “f-you” and is there a terminal ? .rpm based installs ? tars ? doesn’t really show anything other than mouseplay…

  9. deeppurplebsd says:

    @Gravely202 Hey– google has changed something in the kernel ..i have read this on a wesbite. check that out..

  10. franciscoc23 says:

    @tron72mon not like Linux, is Linux, like Linuxmint or other, but custom aparence

  11. svgyouth says:

    i downloaded chrome and it opens automatically to surf the web, but does not appear on my desktop what do i do?????????????

  12. tron72mon says:

    looks like linux

  13. crypticlocker says:

    This isn’t fake but is not made by Google. It’s by this company called Green OS.

  14. StajkeSrbin93 says:

    Jeste Dzizdzeru, ljubi te ortak Stajke.. xD ahahahhahaha

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