Google overhaul would radically alter search results

Google overhaul would radically alter search results
According to an article in New Scientist, the Internet search giant is considering a new algorithm for ranking its search results: one based not on how commonly a site is linked – which is central to its current system – but on how “trustworthy” Google …

Google's New Cocktail Recipes Are Terrible—But You Can Help Make Them
Google's algorithm tends to rely on Wikipedia for data. Wikipedia, in turn, tends to rely on recipes attributed to the International Bartenders Association. Meanwhile, no one who tends bar in the United States relies on the opinions of the …
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Ted Cruz's Texas two-step: Hired gun for Google
Facing the threat of an antitrust lawsuit from the state attorney general, Google hired Cruz to represent its interests before the agency where Cruz himself had worked just over two years earlier and where his mentor, Abbott, still called the shots …
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