Google Patents TV Spoiler-Blocker System

Google Patents TV Spoiler-Blocker System
But Google plans to take this a step further, with a smarter mechanism which hides spoilers only for episodes a user has not yet seen. The content will be blocked, but the user can click to override the feature. It would rely on users continually …
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Who's Winning The Internet Of Things Developer War? Apple And Google
So while IBM, Cisco, Jasper or Sierra Wireless like to position themselves as leaders in the field, the reality is very different. Again, with developers in mind, the big winners so far appear to be Apple and Google, as a new VisionMobile report concludes.
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Does Google Need Twitter To Hold Off Facebook?
Google is unable to create a successful social product, so the alternative is to acquire one. The company has a pretty abysmal track record in creating viable social networking products. The dead pool of internally created products currently stands at …
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