Google plans 'floating retail store,' builder says

Google plans 'floating retail store,' builder says
It turns out that the mysterious high-tech barge that Google is building at Treasure Island is just the first of three floating wonders the company plans to launch, at a total cost of $ 35 million. In a confidential budget report we obtained, barge …
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Anybody's game: Mobile world divided between Apple, Google, Microsoft
Although the explosive success of Google's Android operating system over the last couple years means that it's No. 1 in nearly every market, the battle for the global smartphone market is far from finished. Android, iOS and Windows Phone are fighting …

The words Google won't let you use: Bizarre list of 1400 words banned from has discovered a list of banned Android words, including 'intercourse', 'condom' and even 'geek'. When an Android user is typing they can enable predictive text suggestions to appear above the keyboard, pictured. Google then guesses which …
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