YouTube is now forcing users into creating Google Plus accounts. Google is ruining YouTube again.
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  1. If it wasn’t for this google+ bullshit I wouldn’t be here! Ha, I even had ta junk my Youtube app as it’s moronic! One day you can access your inbox the next day… no inbox! I should be maintaining my own Youtube subs but it’s soooo much work thanks to the machinations of monopoly capitalism. Easy thumb up.

  2. There is only me on my Google+ and we have ever so much fun, I post to my self, talk to my self, share things in the circle with my self. WOW I really recommend it to meet many much friends!

  3. If you hate this update,you can help support this petition. Remember share this to other user.

  4. I caught Google Astroturfing on this very video, his name was HunterShows. and he was trying to make out that I was stupid. I told him he and Google were Evil and explained why. NOW HIS ACCOUNT IS GONE AND THE COMMENTS BETWEEN US ARE GONE ALONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Google plus fucking fucks. The fact they force to make a google + account to allow to post comments mean in the sot future they force you make a google+ to upload and watch videos.

  6. ..★.. HOT DAMM ..★.. Great Video, Right To The Point! – Keep Them Coming, and I’ll Be There FOLLOWING YOUR “WORDS” OF WISDOM! MARK HOUCK (Mr Mark) Internet Home Business Network #IHBN 

  7. All these clicks to use the comment box – I half expecct a couple of peanuts to pop out of the side of the monitor everytime. You know like those trained monkeys in a lab?

  8. Google seemingly FORGOT to send out – to its invaluable, yet totally pissed on users, the 500 page manual on how to fucking use it. I need to see my doctor – I’m getting repetitive strain injury & high blood pressure just by using this cunt shit fuck!

  9. I don’t use Google+ any more than I am forced to. The GoogleBorg is getting a bit uppity. I think I saw Google+ doing a cameo on “Walking Dead” the other night. I’m annoyed by the requirement to unclick the share button every time, so I go ahead and share any anti-G+ comments I make.

  10. Google is desperate for Google+ to be successful. Facebook has kicked their ass even though they thought they had something that could compete. Now they’re making commentators use it in hopes that it’ll drive their viewers to it and expand usage as a whole. In a way though it has been effective; I do get more views. Outside of that though, Google+ is so not cool LOL it’s just gaining heat because Google’s forcing it on us that’s all.

  11. This is stupid, they’re both owned by Google, they should be integrated! If you need an anonymous account to say something, then you probably are going to say useless sh*it… Anyways, nobody stops you from having 2 accounts, so… can we go on with our lives please? grow up.

  12. PASS THIS ON November20th is our boycott of Google. As of that date, for one week, don’t use google products. Lets make them fix their mess, and let them know we have a voice and make them give us back our Youtube!

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