Google Project Glass Beta Tester

Google Project Glass Beta Tester

I’m really excited to have been selected to be part of the Google Glass Explorer program. Here are some thoughts of what I expect Google Glass to become in t…
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16 Responses to Google Project Glass Beta Tester

  1. Vardan Nazaretyan says:

    The 30 dislikers are Auto dealers. 😀

  2. GrieferBusters says:

    It’s spam you fucking retard

  3. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    A real naked scanner :)

  4. Jared Steffen says:

    sorry i want a white one you have a site for that?

  5. Sjark92 says:

    It will actually help people get out and be social, now they can take their “essentials” with them.

  6. phala1234 says:

    Get a friend to talk to.

  7. TheGarvito says:

    Your a fucking android /google fanboy. Kinda fkn low minded.

  8. felix dodd says:

    //blekkodotcom/ fuck brin and his wanker monopolising company making money out of social devolution, and endless subversive advertising EVERYWHERE. twat.

  9. ohmygodnoway a says:

    are you the guy from the walking dead? srs

  10. Cara Hoffman says:

    @oagmyld Yup this website is just giving out free Black Apple iPad 3’s for today only. You have to be living in the U.S though but it’s legit, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Better hurry up!

  11. Ekachai Saetang says:

    yeah i agree mobile games are getting huge, if you want the best game on mobile get this:

  12. TheAwesomeWilliam says:

    Maybe some head phones

  13. Gui34567r says:

    And what about people with correction glasses? Maybe these glasses can adjust our eye correction right?

  14. Marlin Jayakody says:

    Fucking Cyborg Shit man

  15. websaint says:

    weather forecast, need i say more?

  16. FreakExceptionale says:

    Just study and pass on your own merit.

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